Brrrr...It's Cold Outside

Friday, November 1, 2019

By Nancy Frecks

Winter WeatherCold weather is here or maybe it isn’t, after all we are living in Nebraska a state that is known for shall we say diverse weather! No matter the weather if you are farming there are chores that HAVE to be done every day, even if it is -40 with a 50 mile an hour wind.

Animals need fed and watered. Plan ahead for these days. In the most extreme conditions do only the basics and get back in some place warm. On those frigid days it is ok to stay inside and stay warm, after caring for your animals most basic needs.

Caring for your animals needs is very important and a little pre-cold preparation will make those bitterly cold days so much easier.

  • Have the best feed readily available. The colder it is the greater the need more for high quality feed.
  • Make sure there is clean, fresh water available. Get your water source ready to go on those nice days so on the frigid ones it is ready to go.
  • Finally, provide some kind of shelter from the wind and cold. It doesn’t have to be a fancy heated barn, just somewhere for the animals to get out of the wind.

The most important thing when caring for your animals is to take care of yourself and prepare for the cold weather, too.

Dress in layers many lighter layers are warmer than one heavy one.Snow Gear

Make sure you have a good coat, one that still zips or buttons.

Wear a waterproof or at least a water resistant layer when needed.

Sunglasses are important, especially when the sun is reflecting off the snow.

Keep your feet warm with good winter weight socks and boots. Consider wearing two pairs of socks a thin one first then a heavier one. Make sure your boots are in good repair and won’t let in moisture.

A good hat that covers your ears is very important, one with a face mask on those brutally cold would be nice, too.

Cover your hands with gloves or mittens. Again, layers and waterproof ones are a good idea.

Pace yourself, take time to warm up when needed.

Keep yourself hydrated and fed.

Let someone know where you are going to be and about when to expect you back.

Watch the weather, conditions can change quickly.

Follow these tips, to be prepared for cold weather chores.