What can Nebraska AgrAbility do for you?
Through the help of Nebraska AgrAbility, assistive technology, and funding sources in Nebraska, men and women with disabilities can continue to do what they love – farm. Nebraska AgrAbility can provide the following no-cost services:

Information and Referral
Nebraska AgrAbility provides information about farming with a disability, financial services, agricultural resources, rehabilitation, and communities throughout Nebraska.

On-Site and Technical Assistance
Restructure work tasks / operations
Modify farm equipment and tools
Recommend assistive technologies
Explore alternative agriculture enterprises

Secondary Injury Prevention
Nebraska AgrAbility creates awareness and provides information on preventing further injuries or disabling conditions.

Peer Support
Nebraska AgrAbility connects farmers with disabilities with others who have successfully accommodated their disability.

Training and Education
Nebraska AgrAbility provides training and education about farming with a disability to rehabilitation and health care practitioners, agricultural professionals, emergency response organizations, and other community agricultural groups.