Jeff Potter-Collaboration Making a Difference
Jeff Potter-Collaboration Making a Difference
Monday, January 29, 2018

Published in NAP 20-Year Review, 2011
By Rod Peterson

When 37-year-old cattleman Jeff Potter was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation and spinal fistula (a growth on the spinal cord) that would require surgery, he was advised to “get his affairs in order.” He came through the surgery but was left with nerve damage in his back and left leg and foot, resulting in impaired mobility.


Jeff was subsequently referred to Nebraska AgrAbility by his sister, who had participated in an AgrAbility-sponsored occupational/physical therapist training. One element of the assistance he received was development of an AgrAbility/Vocational Rehabilitation plan, which called for and helped provide, a Hydrabed bale transporter. Jeff’s operation includes commercial haying and a commercial and private cow/calf herd. The Hydrabed mounted to his pickup includes a dCollapost-hole digging attachment and wire winder, as well as powering a hydraulic cattle feeder. The Hydrabed assists him with both the haying and cattle-related work tasks he was having difficulty doing. With the Hydrabed and AgrAbility’s ongoing assistance, Jeff has been able to do the tasks and stay in the cattle business.

Jeff now gives back to others. In 2011 he agreed to serve on the Nebraska AgrAbility Advisory Committee, which lends direction to the program and networks with clients and advocates across the state.