A Physical and Financial Boost

Colleen on her ranch.
Colleen on her ranch.
Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Colene Williams, referred to Nebraska AgrAbility by past clients, is a 62 year old rancher that has income from a Nebraska ranching operation.  Colene’s husband, Randall, works off the ranch assisting ranchers in the area with cattle and haying operations.  Colene and her husband own land for haying and grazing each year with a rotational pattern for their cattle operation.  Colene artificially inseminates the cattle, which means around 1,000 catches per year.

Colene has difficulty completing her ranching duties due to a right knee meniscus tear and necrosis of the bone in the knee, left shoulder surgeries (in which some of the bone had to be cut off), and three lower back surgeries, which complicate her walking and standing for long periods of time.

Working cattle in a manual squeeze chute meant having to pull and tug above her head, which was difficult and painful.  “One of my biggest fears was getting hurt…for a woman, I think the job is even more high risk.  I’m not as strong, I’m not as tall, I’m not even as quick or agile as most men would be.”

Collen and Emily on the ranch.

“We both felt very overwhelmed.  I was not able to continue with my job in town.  We were at a crossroads…my husband needed to do day work and I needed to stay here to do the everyday things that needed to be done.”

Among other things, Specialist Emily Freudenburg recommended a hydraulic squeeze chute to ease the task of working cattle.  This piece of equipment and several others have made a difference in Colene’s day-to-day work life.  “I have a purpose.  I feel like I’m more involved…and that makes you more involved with the reward.  Financially, this was a huge boost.”

Colene’s advice to potential AgrAbility clients is this:  Just give them the information and let them do the magic for you.”