It Could Change Your Way of Life

Wendell A. Rohrer in his pickup truck.
Wendell A. Rohrer in his pickup truck.
Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wendell A. Rohrer was a 63-year-old farmer in Nebraska when he was introduced to Nebraska AgrAbility.  Wendell farms corn, alfalfa, soybeans, and prairie hay, and runs cow/calf pairs. 

Wendell was diagnosed with transverse myelitis. This affects his spinal cord and his nerves. Because of this, Wendell's mobility is very limited and he cannot complete some essential tasks on the farm.  When walking for long periods, his knees lock up and he can no longer move his legs easily.  This decreases his efficiency and makes it almost impossible to complete essential and necessary tasks on the farm.  It also limits his mobility and the ability to climb onto equipment. 

"I was going to have to cut back or rent things out," stated Wendell.

Cold or hot wRohrer climbing stairseather adversely affects Wendell’s system, as well.  In the wintertime, Wendell needs to be able to check his cattle and feed them in cold conditions. 

Among other things, Nebraska AgrAbility helped in providing Wendell with a temperature-controlled side-by-side UTV, which he says he could not have purchased on his own.  Rural Rehabilitation Specialist Emily Freudenburg also recommended a fueling platform with steps and handrails to allow Wendell access to fueling tanks as well as creating a safe way to climb up to fuel the equipment.

“I found there was someone there to help me still maintain my family/ranching lifestyle…a very special thank you for this.”

"If you have a disability, this is a very special program and I encourage you to contact AgrAbility for their services. It could change your way of life.”